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What To Ask At Your First Meeting With A Florida Med Mal Lawyer


A patient who suffers harm because of medical errors will sustain significant physical, financial, and emotional losses, so it is reassuring to know that legal remedies are available. Under Florida’s medical negligence statute, you can pursue a health care provider who deviated from the relevant standard of care and caused your injuries. As such, you will need evidence demonstrating what medical standards apply, and then you must prove how your physician departed from that benchmark. In a medical malpractice claim, the standard of care is measured by what another practitioner with the same skill and training would have done under the circumstances.

Of course, a real-life med mal case is much more complicated than this description. The legal requirements are challenging, and the medical, technical subject matter is complicated. You gain an advantage in pursuing your remedies when you have a Tampa medical malpractice attorney at your side to navigate the process. Finding the right candidate is an important first step, so make sure to ask the following questions when meeting with your lawyer for the first time.

How many of your current clients are medical malpractice victims? With this question, you are seeking information on the level of dedication to clients who suffered from medical negligence. Many lawyers have broad practice areas, covering cases from DUIs to bankruptcy while also working in the area of med mal. Some attorneys represent a wide range of personal injury and accident claims, but you want someone who has a specific focus on medical malpractice.

 What are strengths and weaknesses in my case? After consultation and learning more about your situation, a lawyer should have sufficient details to explain the pros and cons. There are certainly no guarantees with these cases, but the strengths and weaknesses will relate to:

  • The applicable standard of care and how your physician breached it;
  • Medical records from before and after the alleged error;
  • How your injuries affect your quality of life; and,
  • Input from medical experts.

Will my case settle or go to trial? The answer to this question is closely related to the strength of your claim, since one of these two options may be a wise choice. With evidence that is questionable, your attorney might suggest settlement because you gain certainty knowing that you will receive compensation. A trial, there is always the risk that you will not prevail.

 What damages can I recover in a med mal claim? These cases aim to reimburse you for all losses related to a doctor’s mistake, including those that can be assigned a dollar value and those that are more subjective. You may be entitled to amounts for:

  • Medical costs to treat your injuries;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Many other losses.

Our Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyers Will Answer Additional Questions 

For more information on how we support your needs throughout the legal process, please contact Greco & Wozniak P.A. in Tampa, FL. You can schedule a free consultation with an experienced med mal attorney by calling 813.223.7849 or checking us out online.

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