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What Is The Worst That Can Happen With Bedsores In Florida Hospitals?


When you think of all the mishaps that could befall you while hospitalized in Florida, you might be concerned about surgical errors, medication mistakes, or misdiagnosis. Bedsores are probably not at the top of the list. The Mayo Clinic uses the terms decubitus ulcer or pressure ulcer, since bedsores usually develop through prolonged pressure on skin. Hospitalization is a common scenario for this to occur: Patients may be confined to a bed or wheelchair, and it only takes a matter of hours for someone to suffer the complications from bedsores.

Unfortunately, the risk of serious medical conditions related to bedsores is high. What was once the source of discomfort now causes agonizing pain, and these ulcers can actually become life-threatening. Florida law protects your rights if you were affected, and the remedies are derived from medical malpractice concepts. As such, you should talk to a Tampa medical malpractice attorney about what can happen with bedsores.

Late Stage Bedsores

 These lesions are generally the result of gravity, which applies pressure to bony areas of the body where the skin tends to be thinner. Examples include the back of the head, heels, and shoulder blades. With proper treatment, decubitus ulcers will heal. However, bedsores can also quickly advance to Stage 3, an open wound that resembles a crater. With Stage 4, the muscle, bone, and other tissues may be exposed. The risk of infection is high. 

Sepsis and Septic Shock 

When a patient does develop an infection from a bedsore, health care providers must act quickly. An infection may lead the human body to respond in an extreme way, leading to the condition known as sepsis. The situation is a culmination of errors:

  • Medical professionals failed to prevent bedsores from developing.
  • They did not properly treat the pressure ulcer, leading to late state bedsores and infection.
  • The failure to treat infection, in turn, results in sepsis.

Sepsis can lead to shut down of the kidneys and other organs, as well as septic shock.

 Fatalities and Bedsores 

The development of sepsis and septic shock is how a decubitus ulcer becomes life-threatening. Depending on the patient’s physical health and age, sepsis can be fatal. 

Post-Sepsis Syndrome 

For patients who do survive infection and sepsis, the recovery can be extensive and painful. About 50 percent will develop post-sepsis syndrome, which makes them vulnerable to additional, repeated infection. Plus, patients may experience:

  • Fatigue and difficulty sleeping;
  • Swelling of the joints;
  • Loss of function in certain organs;
  • Panic attacks, mood swings, and depression;
  • Hair loss;
  • Skin rash, particularly around the area where the bedsore developed; and,
  • Muscle and joint pain.

Consult with a Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyer About Bedsores 

It is surprising to learn that pressure ulcers can be life-threatening, but you gain some relief knowing there are legal remedies available under Florida law. To learn more about your options, please contact Greco & Wozniak P.A. by calling 813.223.7849 or visiting our website. We can schedule a no-cost case review at our offices in Tampa, FL. After hearing your story, we can advise you on details.



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