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Signs Of Birth Injuries By Florida Health Care Providers


Whenever you experience symptoms of a medical condition or feel under the weather, you can express yourself to loved ones and health care providers. This is not the case if your baby suffered birth injuries. Whether the harm occurred during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or after birth, there can be challenges with understanding your infant’s condition. You are concerned and frustrated as a parent, and you might even be worried about how Florida’s two-year statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases affects your legal options.

Fortunately, there are some signs of birth injuries that even someone without a medical background can evaluate. Your parental instincts kick in when you know something is not quite right, so you can determine how to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. A Tampa medical malpractice lawyer will assist with legal remedies, and some information about recognizing the signs is important.

Birth Injuries at Different Developmental Stages: Your baby may not be able to speak in words, but infants have ways of communicating that something is wrong. There are different signs at different ages, so keep in mind the following points:

 At Birth: Even when you are still in the hospital after giving birth, some birth injuries are observable early on. It may be cause for concern if you note:

 o   Your baby’s back arches or contorts when crying;

o   Seizures;

o   Excessive drooling and challenges with nursing;

o   Abnormal muscle stiffness; or,

o   Weakened reflexes and delayed responses to stimuli. 

Up to 24 Months Old: Not all birth injuries are apparent in the first few weeks of the infant’s life, but you should keep an eye out in the months that follow. There are certain milestones a baby reaches in the first 24 months, such as cooing, babbling, turning over, crawling, and walking. You might also notice issues with motor skills, such as muscle spasms and a lack of coordination.

 After 2 Years Old: If you have not yet received a diagnosis, the signs of birth injuries will start to become more obvious as your child reaches 2 years old. You may observe intellectual disorders, and it is concerning if your toddler cannot eat, walk, or perform basic tasks. At this stage, many children can draw, speak in short phrases, and follow simple instructions. 

Assessing Damages for Birth Injuries: The most troubling aspect of birth injuries is that your child will bear the burdens for a lifetime. Monetary damages for pain, suffering, and emotional distress aim to cover these personal, subjective losses. Your family may also qualify for medical costs, lost wages for caregiving, and other forms of compensation.

 Reach Out to a Tampa, FL Birth Injuries Attorney for More Details 

Parents recognize when something is wrong with their infant, but you should count on legal skilled counsel when taking legal action. For more information on how our team can assist, please contact Greco & Wozniak P.A. in Tampa, FL. You can schedule a no-cost case evaluation by calling 813.223.7849 or visiting our website. After learning more about your situation, a birth injuries lawyer can advise you on options.



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