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Burnout And Fatigue Among Providers Plays A Role In Tampa Medical Malpractice Claims


During the Covid pandemic, the public became more aware of medical provider burnout and fatigue. Long shifts and a national shortage of qualified workers only aggravated the problem. Unfortunately, while most of the country has returned to normal, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers continue to struggle, often to the detriment of their patients. Our Tampa medical malpractice attorney explains more about the risks.

Workers In Medical Field At High Risk Of Burnout And Fatigue

Workers in any occupation can become burned out on the job. Long shifts and arduous tasks can take a heavy toll on physical and mental health, leading to excessive tiredness and fatigue. While this is a serious problem in any field, it can pose potentially life-threatening hazards in the medical industry.

Studies by Johns Hopkins Medicine indicate that medical mistakes and errors are a leading cause of death and disability. Being tired and burnt out from the job can make them more likely to happen. Problems that can occur as a result include:

  • Impaired judgment, making medical mistakes and misdiagnosis more likely to happen;
  • Increased distraction, making providers less able to focus on patients or the task at hand;
  • Reduced hand/eye coordination, making it harder to perform testing or surgical procedures;
  • Rushing through tasks, resulting in a lower quality of medical care and increased oversights.

How To Protect Yourself Against Provider Burnout

Long shifts are part of the package when working in the medical field. Most providers are well aware of this even before beginning training. Unfortunately, even if they do not notice the impact, ongoing fatigue can cause serious physical and cognitive impairments. Burnout due to years of dealing with understaffing and faulty administrative or insurance policies only increases the burden and can endanger patients.

The American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) advises that serious symptoms of burnout and fatigue are reported among more than half of all medical providers. That is significantly higher than in any other industry. As a patient, be aware of the potential risks and take the following precautions:

  • When visiting the doctor, make sure your chart is current.
  • Provide a clear outline of any symptoms you suffer and remind them of all underlying conditions.
  • Pay close attention to what they say and question anything you are confused about.
  • If they downplay your symptoms, seek a second opinion.
  • Ask for copies of all medical testing and review the results.
  • When undergoing testing or medical procedures, make sure they consult your chart first and confirm both what they will be doing and that they have the right patient.
  • Avoid scheduling anything for a Monday or Friday when burnout and fatigue are likely to be at their peak.

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