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Monthly Archives: February 2022


How Common Are ER Errors In Florida Hospitals?

By Greco & Wozniak P.A. |

It is called the emergency department for a reason, so you probably suffered from severe injuries or an acute medical condition if you headed to an ER in Florida for treatment. You certainly never expected that you would be worse off and sustain serious harm while receiving treatment. Unfortunately, mistakes in the emergency care… Read More »

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Distracted Doctoring? Smartphones And Impact On Quality Patient Care

By Greco & Wozniak P.A. |

Thanks to legislative measures and public awareness campaigns about the dangers of distracted driving, fewer motorists are texting, talking, on the phone, or surfing the internet while behind the wheel. However, there is a risk involved with smartphone use you might not have considered: Distracted doctoring by physicians who just cannot put their device… Read More »

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Does Technology Help Or Hinder When It Comes To Medication Errors In Florida?

By Greco & Wozniak P.A. |

Technology has transformed every industry, but one of the most impactful examples of innovation in health care is Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE). In the decades since these solutions first debuted in 1971, CPOE has cut prescription errors in half according to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Agency for Health Care… Read More »

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What Proof Do I Need For A Florida Surgical Errors Case?

By Greco & Wozniak P.A. |

A surgical error is a specific type of medical malpractice under Florida law, but you must still meet the same standard of proof that applies to other patients who suffer harm at the hands of health care providers. Under Florida’s medical negligence law, you must be able to prove that the surgeon deviated from… Read More »

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